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@winny- winny-/day10.rkt Secret
Created Dec 10, 2017

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#lang racket
(require sugar)
(require (prefix-in coll: data/collection))
(define (subreverse-cycle ls start num)
(when (>= start (length ls))
(set! start (modulo start (length ls))))
(define-values (a b) (split-at (shift-cycle ls (- start)) num))
(shift-cycle (append (reverse a) b) start))
(define (hash numbers lengths [position 0] [skip-size 0])
(let loop ([numbers numbers] [lengths lengths] [position 0] [skip-size 0])
(if (empty? lengths)
(values numbers position skip-size)
(loop (subreverse-cycle numbers position (car lengths))
(cdr lengths)
(+ skip-size position (car lengths))
(add1 skip-size)))))
(define (part1 line)
(define-values (n p s) (hash (range 256) (map string->number (string-split line ",")) 0 0))
(* (car n) (cadr n)))
(define (sparse-hash->string sh)
(map (λ (n)
(define s (number->string n 16))
(if (= 1 (string-length s))
(string-append "0" s)
(for/list ([block (coll:chunk* 16 sh)])
(for/fold ([a (coll:first block)])
([b (coll:rest block)]
#:when (not (zero? b)))
(bitwise-xor a b))))
(define (part2 line)
(define lengths
(append (map char->integer (string->list (regexp-replace #px"\\s" line "")))
'(17 31 73 47 23)))
(displayln lengths)
(let loop ([n (range 256)]
[p 0]
[s 0]
[rounds 0])
(if (> rounds 64)
(sparse-hash->string n)
(let-values ([(n1 p1 s1) (hash n lengths p s)])
(loop n1 p1 s1 (add1 rounds)))))
#;(let-values loop ([(n p s) (values (range 256) 0 0)]
[(rounds) 0])
(if (> rounds 64)
(loop (hash n lengths p s) (add1 rounds)))))
(module+ main
(define input (read-line))
(displayln (format "Part 1: ~a" (part1 input))))
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