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Javascript Enum
* Make a bag of string constants, kind of like a Java enum.
* e.g. var Kind = new Enum('TEXT PERSON');
* gives you Kind.TEXT == 'TEXT', Kind.PERSON = 'PERSON'
* Each of the constants has an isCONSTANT() function added, so you can write:
* Kind.isTEXT(myvar) -- which has the advantage that it will create a noisy error if
* Kind.TEXT ceased to be a valid value, or if myvar is invalid.
* Use-case: It's safer than using strings for constants, especially around refactoring.
* @param values {string|string[]}
* @constructor
* @author Daniel
* Ref:
function Enum(values) {
if (typeof(values)==='string') {
values = values.split(' ');
for(var i=0; i<values.length; i++) {
var k = values[i];
this[k] = k;
this['is'+k] = function(v) {
if ( ! this.enum[v]) throw 'Invalid Enum value: '+v;
return v===this.k;
}.bind({enum:this, k:k});
// Prevent edits, if we can
if (Object.freeze) {
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