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Last active December 19, 2015 19:18
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# ~/.bashrc
# Ruby on Rails shorthand definitions
# ~/.bashrc
# Ubuntuの人は ~/.bash_profile に書いてね
# rake関係
alias brake='bundle exec rake'
alias bdrop='bundle exec rake db:drop'
alias bcreate='bundle exec rake db:create'
alias bmigrate='bundle exec rake db:migrate'
alias bresethard='bundle exec rake db:drop && bundle exec rake db:create && bundle exec rake db:migrate && bundle exec rake db:seed && bundle exec rake db:fixtures:load'
alias breset='bundle exec rake db:reset && bundle exec rake db:fixtures:load'
alias broutes='bundle exec rake routes'
# rails関係
alias bgen='bundle exec rails generate'
alias bserver='bundle exec rails server --debugger'
alias brc='bundle exec rails console'
# capistrano関係
alias bcap='bundle exec cap'
alias bcaps='bundle exec cap staging'
# ステージング環境にデプロイ(rake db:migrate込み)
alias bcapsdc='bundle exec cap staging deploy:cold'
# ステージング環境にデプロイ
alias bcapsd='bundle exec cap staging deploy'
# 5世代前以降のreleaseを削除する
alias bcapsclean='bundle exec cap staging deploy:cleanup'
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