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Last active Apr 13, 2022
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Respect rate-limits of SteamSpy API
import json
import time
from pathlib import Path
import steamspypi
def get_cooldown():
cooldown = 70 # 1 minute plus a cushion
return cooldown
def get_some_sleep():
cooldown = get_cooldown()
print("Sleeping for {} seconds on {}".format(cooldown, time.asctime()))
def download_a_single_page(page_no=0):
print("Downloading page={} on {}".format(page_no, time.asctime()))
data_request = dict()
data_request["request"] = "all"
data_request["page"] = str(page_no)
data =
return data
def get_file_name(page_no):
# Get current day as yyyymmdd format
date_format = "%Y%m%d"
current_date = time.strftime(date_format)
file_name = "{}_steamspy_page_{}.json".format(current_date, page_no)
return file_name
def download_all_pages(num_pages):
# Download
for page_no in range(num_pages):
file_name = get_file_name(page_no)
if not Path(file_name).is_file():
page_data = download_a_single_page(page_no=page_no)
with open(file_name, "w", encoding="utf8") as f:
json.dump(page_data, f)
if page_no != (num_pages - 1):
# Aggregate
data = dict()
for page_no in range(num_pages):
file_name = get_file_name(page_no)
with open(file_name, "r", encoding="utf8") as f:
page_data = json.load(f)
return data
if __name__ == "__main__":
# TODO: one would have to figure out the number of pages, it should be close to 40 as of August 2020.
data = download_all_pages(num_pages=40)
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kphanipavan commented Apr 13, 2022

Update to the number of pages as of 13th April, 2022: there are 53 Pages

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