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Configuring system tap on ubuntu 13.04, yeah so it will work.. like at all..
  • Install a base server with open ssh server enabled.
  • Update the OS.
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
  • Install developement tools.
sudo apt-get install build-essential
  • Install system tap
sudo apt-get install systemtap
sudo apt-get install systemtap-sdt-dev
  • Configure debug debian package source.
sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ddebs.list << EOF
deb quantal          main restricted universe multiverse
deb quantal-security main restricted universe multiverse
deb quantal-updates  main restricted universe multiverse
deb quantal-proposed main restricted universe multiverse
  • Add the key for the DDEB package source and update.
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys ECDCAD72428D7C01
sudo apt-get update
  • Install the debug version of the current kernel.
sudo apt-get install linux-image-$(uname -r)-dbgsym
  • Install git.
sudo apt-get install git
  • Clone the fork of nodejs owned by @tjfontaine and checkout the systemtap branch.
$ git clone git:// 
$ cd node
$ git checkout systemtap
  • Create a install location for this test install of nodejs
mkdir $HOME/nodejs
  • Build nodejs with dtrace support enabled.
./configure --prefix=$HOME/nodejs/head --with-dtrace
make -j5 install
  • Run node in another shell, then query the node process for available probes.
$ stap -L 'process("node").mark("*")'
process("node").mark("gc__done") $arg1:long $arg2:long
process("node").mark("gc__start") $arg1:long $arg2:long
process("node").mark("http__client__request") $arg1:long $arg2:long $arg3:long $arg4:long $arg5:long $arg6:long $arg7:long
process("node").mark("http__client__response") $arg1:long $arg2:long $arg3:long $arg4:long
process("node").mark("http__server__request") $arg1:long $arg2:long $arg3:long $arg4:long $arg5:long $arg6:long $arg7:long
process("node").mark("http__server__response") $arg1:long $arg2:long $arg3:long $arg4:long
process("node").mark("net__server__connection") $arg1:long $arg2:long $arg3:long $arg4:long
process("node").mark("net__socket__read") $arg1:long $arg2:long $arg3:long $arg4:long $arg5:long
process("node").mark("net__socket__write") $arg1:long $arg2:long $arg3:long $arg4:long $arg5:long
process("node").mark("net__stream__end") $arg1:long $arg2:long $arg3:long $arg4:long
  • Give your logged in user rights to run stap.
$ sudo usermod -a -G stapsys,stapdev,stapusr markw
  • Tweak the sources for stap so it doesn't bomb out creating the probes.
markw@ubuntu1210server01:~$ diff /usr/share/systemtap/runtime/uprobes-inode.c /usr/share/systemtap/runtime/uprobes-inode.c.bak
<   	uprobe_unregister(uc->target->inode, uc->offset,
> 		unregister_uprobe(uc->target->inode, uc->offset,
< 		ret = uprobe_register(uc->target->inode, uc->offset,
> 		ret = register_uprobe(uc->target->inode, uc->offset,
  • Using these probes I am currently running into the following error.
$ stap --vp 00001 --vp 00001 --vp 00001 --vp 00001 --vp 00001 --vp 00001 -I ~/nodejs/head/share/systemtap/tapset/ -e 'probe node_http_server_request { println(probestr); }'
Pass 5: starting run.
Running /usr/bin/staprun -v -v -R /tmp/staphqkfwG/stap_d99f81d30be4ba5ed701ceb812886f06_3389.ko
staprun:main:385 modpath="/tmp/staphqkfwG/stap_d99f81d30be4ba5ed701ceb812886f06_3389.ko", modname="stap_d99f81d30be4ba5ed701ceb812886f06_3389"
staprun:init_staprun:303 init_staprun
staprun:insert_module:72 inserting module /tmp/staphqkfwG/stap_d99f81d30be4ba5ed701ceb812886f06_3389.ko
staprun:insert_module:98 module options: _stp_bufsize=0
staprun:insert_module:106 module path canonicalized to '/tmp/staphqkfwG/stap_d99f81d30be4ba5ed701ceb812886f06_3389.ko'
staprun:check_signature:428 checking signature for /tmp/staphqkfwG/stap_d99f81d30be4ba5ed701ceb812886f06_3389.ko
Signature file /tmp/staphqkfwG/stap_d99f81d30be4ba5ed701ceb812886f06_3389.ko.sgn not found
staprun:check_signature:441 verify_module returns 0
staprun:insert_module:169 Renaming module 'stap_d99f81d30be4ba5ed701ceb812886f06_3389'
staprun:insert_module:177 Renamed module to 'stap_d99f81d30be4ba5ed701ceb812886f06_3723'
staprun:init_ctl_channel:31 Opened /sys/kernel/debug/systemtap/stap_d99f81d30be4ba5ed701ceb812886f06_3723/.cmd (3)
staprun:remove_module:221 stap_d99f81d30be4ba5ed701ceb812886f06_3723
staprun:init_ctl_channel:31 Opened /sys/kernel/debug/systemtap/stap_d99f81d30be4ba5ed701ceb812886f06_3723/.cmd (3)
Error, 'stap_d99f81d30be4ba5ed701ceb812886f06_3723' is not a zombie systemtap module.
Spawn waitpid result (0x100): 1
WARNING: /usr/bin/staprun exited with status: 1
Pass 5: run completed in 0usr/0sys/11real ms.
Pass 5: run failed.  Try again with another '--vp 00001' option.
Running rm -rf /tmp/staphqkfwG
Spawn waitpid result (0x0): 0

So @tjfontaine says in #libuv..

wolfeida_: do-release-upgrade -d bet it will just work after that :)

And it it fkn did too.. after upgrading to 13.04 I started a simple node.js server in another terminal and ran the following stap one liner.

markw@ubuntu1210server01:~$ stap -I ~/nodejs/head/share/systemtap/tapset/ -e 'probe node_http_server_request { println(probestr); }'
http__server__request(remote=, port=64913, method=GET, url=/, fd=11)
http__server__request(remote=, port=64913, method=GET, url=/favicon.ico, fd=11)

Post upgrade I am running.

markw@ubuntu1210server01:~$ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID:  Ubuntu
Description:	Ubuntu Raring Ringtail (development branch)
Release:	13.04
Codename:	raring

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jamesbloomer commented Nov 13, 2013

Is 13.04 a requirement then? Got servers on 12.04 that I want to use it on.

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