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Horace Williams worace

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worace / solo.rb
Created Jun 4, 2012
Sample chef solo base file
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file_cache_path File.expand_path("../", __FILE__)
cookbook_path File.expand_path("../cookbooks", __FILE__)
json_attribs ""
recipe_url ""
View tasilo.zsh-theme
# tassilo's zsh from
# stashing this for reference for colors :)
local blue_op="%{$fg[blue]%}[%{$reset_color%}"
local blue_cp="%{$fg[blue]%}]%{$reset_color%}"
local path_p="${blue_op}%~${blue_cp}"
local user_host="${blue_op}%n@%m${blue_cp}"
local ret_status="${blue_op}%?${blue_cp}"
local hist_no="${blue_op}%h${blue_cp}"
local smiley="%(?,%{$fg[green]%}:%)%{$reset_color%},%{$fg[red]%}:(%{$reset_color%})"
View memoize.rb
1.9.3-p448 :014 > class MyClass
1.9.3-p448 :015?> def my_config
1.9.3-p448 :016?> @@my_config ||= nil
1.9.3-p448 :017?> end
1.9.3-p448 :018?> def my_config=(setting)
1.9.3-p448 :019?> @@my_config = setting
1.9.3-p448 :020?> end
1.9.3-p448 :021?> end
1.9.3-p448 :022 > config =
=> #<MyClass:0x007faa21080d40>
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horacewilliams @ WoracesWorkshop / level1 / master ➸ ruby miner.rb
the content is:
tree 0dcb7aa769718cbded43797b27130f2387335ac6
parent 0000002cb344c4fb2cd6d8d08e4c0f0b4c8bb5ff
author CTF user <> 12345 +0000
committer CTF user <> 12345 +0000
Give me a Gitcoin
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require 'digest/sha1'
class Miner
attr_reader :tree, :parent, :timestamp
def initialize
@tree=`git write-tree`.chomp
@parent=`git rev-parse HEAD`.chomp
View gist:8653905
require 'sinatra'
require 'json'
require 'ruby-prof'
class Index
attr_reader :base_path, :index
def initialize(base_path)
@base_path = base_path
View crackle_pop.rb
def cracklepop(i)
if i % 15 == 0
elsif i % 5 == 0
elsif i % 3 == 0
View tic_tac_toe.rb
module TicTacToe
class Application
def run
def display_launch_options
puts "n: New Game"
puts "q: Quit"
selection = gets
View gist:4b1d430db1c7be257023
2014-09-15 00:13:11.917 troutr-ios[37485:60b] Cannot find executable for CFBundle 0xb76f4e0 </Applications/> (not loaded)
2014-09-15 00:13:11.922 troutr-ios[37485:60b] Cannot find executable for CFBundle 0xb64f090 </Applications/> (not loaded)
2014-09-15 00:13:11.925 troutr-ios[37485:60b] Cannot find executable for CFBundle 0xb65a190 </Applications/> (not loaded)
2014-09-15 00:13:11.992 troutr-ios[37485:60b] authentication loadview
2014-09-15 00:13:11.992 troutr-ios[37485:60b] auth view init
2014-09-15 00:13:11.993 troutr-ios[37485:60
View exercise-loops-and-functions.go
package main
import (
func guessOutsideDelta(guess, x float64) bool {
delta := .00000000001
return (math.Abs(guess * guess - x) > delta)
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