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wovenstarlight / Discord work skin template.html
Last active Aug 1, 2021
Discord Chat Work Skin for AO3
View Discord work skin template.html
<!-- Chapter 1: Basic light mode and dark mode -->
<!-- FOR DARK MODE (separate "discord" and "darkmode/lightmode" by a single space) -->
<div class="discord darkmode">
<div class="channel">
<p><span class="hash">#</span><span class="channelname">test-channel-name</span></p>
<!-- THE ACTUAL MESSAGES (each new user's messages in a separate block) -->
wovenstarlight /
Last active Jul 27, 2021
System Window Workskin for AO3 - My S-Ranks / General

System Windows Work Skin for AO3

This Archive Of Our Own work skin displays game-like system windows. If you use this, be sure to credit @wovenstarlight.

Originally designed for The S-Ranks That I Raised. You may adapt this skin for your own fandom so long as you credit @wovenstarlight.

Notable features are annotated in comments, so that you can modify them if you'd like.

Usage guide


wovenstarlight / ORV System Workskin CSS.css
Last active Aug 6, 2022
System Window Workskin for AO3 - Omnsicient Reader's Viewpoint
View ORV System Workskin CSS.css
/* The main window. Change the width of your windows by altering the "max-width" value below. */
#workskin .userstuff > .windorv {
margin: 3em auto;
max-width: 600px;
/* Glowing around the edges. */
#workskin .userstuff > .blue {
box-shadow: 0 0 20px 10px #4fffff4f, 0 0 0px 10px #4fffff4a inset;
wovenstarlight / HS workskin - CSS.css
Last active Jul 29, 2021
Homestuck Workskin (Extended) for AO3
View HS workskin - CSS.css
/* Standard header prompt and commands */
#workskin .prompt { /* Title of the top of the page. Apply to <p> tags. ==> */
font-size: 2.133em;
font-weight: bold;
font-family: "Courier New", courier, monospace;
color: #000;
#workskin .command1,
#workskin .com1 { /* Arrow to the next page.
Use &gt; instead of > and apply using <span> tag, so that