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Hide annoying notifications after each upgrade of Yoast SEO plugin and others admin notices
<?php if (!defined('ABSPATH')) die('Restricted Area');
* Plugin Name: Disable Yoast SEO Notifications
* Description: Hide annoying notifications after each upgrade of Yoast SEO plugin and others admin notices.
* Version: 1.1
* Author: Aurélien Denis
* Author URI:
add_action('admin_init', 'wpc_disable_yoast_notifications');
function wpc_disable_yoast_notifications() {
if (is_plugin_active('wordpress-seo/wp-seo.php')) {
remove_action('admin_notices', array(Yoast_Notification_Center::get(), 'display_notifications'));
remove_action('all_admin_notices', array(Yoast_Notification_Center::get(), 'display_notifications'));
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primathon commented Apr 16, 2021

Since Yoast refuses to cut back on the the upsell spam, here's a snippet to remove all the "You trashed a thing! Buy our premium plugin!" notices that they clutter up the admin dashbaord with. Also recommend looking into the Hide SEO Bloat plugin which basically exists solely to remove all the crap that Yoast adds all over your site. Anyway, put this code in your functions.php (or use something like Code Snippets):

 * Unbind Yoast's awful constant upsell notifications whenever you trash/delete anything
 * @ref:
 * @see:
function unbind_yoast_slug_change_watchers()
  $priority = 10;
  $actions_methods = [
    'wp_trash_post'        => 'detect_post_trash',
    'before_delete_post'   => 'detect_post_delete',
    'delete_term_taxonomy' => 'detect_term_delete',
  global $wp_filter;
  foreach ($actions_methods as $action => $method)
    if (isset($wp_filter[$action]->callbacks[$priority]) and ( ! empty($wp_filter[$action]->callbacks[$priority])))
      $wp_filter[$action]->callbacks[$priority] = array_filter($wp_filter[$action]->callbacks[$priority], function($v, $k) use ($method) {
        return (stripos($k, $method) === false);
add_action('plugins_loaded', 'unbind_yoast_slug_change_watchers', 20);

Hopefully this makes things a little nicer for anyone using it.

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wpchannel commented Apr 18, 2021

@primathon : thanks for sharing! For me the best solution was to switch to SEOPress. :)

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wp-seopress commented Apr 18, 2021


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