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All parameters are optional.
alt = The text to tweet, which replaces the text between the opening and closing shortcodes
hashtag = A comma separated list of the hashtags to be appended to the tweet WITHOUT THE #
link = The link to be included in the tweet, which otherwise defaults to the post's permalink
via = Twitter user name to associate with the tweet WITHOUT THE @
Example 1: Basic usage
[tweetable]This is truly amazing![/tweetable]
Example 2: Link one text, such as a prompt, but tweet another, such as the actual message
[tweetable alt="This is truly amazing!"]Tell the world this is truly amazing![/tweetable]
Example 3: Link to a URL other than the one where you place the shortcode
[tweetable link="" hashtag="wordpress,hosting" via="wpperform"]This is truly amazing![/tweetable]
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