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JnS printStringName
Print, HEX 2 /Address of string
PrintString, LoadI myName /Start of subroutine
Skipcond 800 /If AC is greater than 0 then skip next instruction
JumpI Print /Jump to the address stored in Print
Load myName
Add Increment
Store myName
Jump PrintString /Jump back to the start of subroutine
printStringName, DEC 0
Increment, DEC 1
myName, HEX 00B
HEX 043 //C
HEX 048 //H
HEX 045 //E
HEX 041 //A
HEX 048 //H
HEX 020 //0
HEX 04A //J
HEX 055 //U
HEX 04E //N
HEX 020 //0
HEX 048 //H
HEX 041 //A
HEX 04F //O
HEX 030 //0
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