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PowerShell - Change SharePoint Web Application Pool
# Name: Set-WebApplicataionPool.ps1
# Description: This script will change SP WebApplication Pools for a Web Application
# Usage: Run the function with the required parameters
# By: Ivan Josipovic,
Function Set-WebApplicataionPool($WebAppURL,$ApplicationPoolName){
$apppool = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]::ContentService.ApplicationPools | where {$_.Name -eq $ApplicationPoolName}
if ($apppool -eq $null){
write-host -foreground red "The Application Pool $ApplicationPoolName does not exist!"
return 1
$webapp = get-spwebapplication -Identity $WebAppUrl
if ($webapp -eq $null){
write-host -foreground red "The Web Application $WebAppUrl does not exist!"
return 1
$webapp.Applicationpool = $apppool
write-host -foreground green "$WebappURL Application Pool has been changed to $ApplicationPoolName"
return 0
Set-WebApplicataionPool -WebAppURL "http://sp2010-a:9006" -ApplicationPoolName "SharePoint WebApplications"
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