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wragge / newspaper title words
Created April 20, 2014 11:21
Frequency of words in Australian newspaper titles from Trove
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advertiser - 116
times - 67
advocate - 43
news - 41
herald - 40
australian - 39
chronicle - 38
gazette - 31
express - 29
guardian - 28
wragge / abc_current_affairs_names
Last active August 29, 2015 14:00
Most frequent contributors to ABC Radio current affairs programs AM, PM and The World Today from 1999-2014. Extracted from Radio National program data harvested from Trove.
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Mark Colvin: 39087
Chris Uhlmann: 29182
Eleanor Hall: 23280
Linda Mottram: 11304
Alexandra Kirk: 3878
Alison Caldwell: 2269
Peter Ryan: 2142
Mark Willacy: 2067
Sabra Lane: 1948
Stephen Long: 1830
wragge / gist:449559365f9aafb4cb04
Created November 25, 2014 07:19
Code to produce the graph of daily newspapers in Trove at
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import requests
import time
import plotly.plotly as py
from plotly.graph_objs import *
from credentials import TROVE_API_KEY
py.sign_in("[your plotly id]", "[your plotly password]")
titles_url = '{}'
wragge /
Created May 8, 2015 03:53
Unremembering the forgotten -- my DH2015 abstract

#Unremembering the forgotten

Welcome to Australia in 2015 where 'remembering' is both an obligation and an opportunity. DH2015 comes just a few months after the 100th anniversary of the landing of Allied forces on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey -- the beginning of a failed military campaign that has long been linked to Australian nationhood. Over the next few years the remembering will roll along as centenaries of the events of World War I accumulate. More documentaries will be made, more websites built, more documents digitised, more memorials dedicated -- all to help us remember people and stories that are seen as in danger of being forgotten.

Who gets remembered and why? I'm a historian who works with digital cultural heritage collections. I'm a manager who helps maintain a national aggregation service that brings many of these collections together. I'm a hacker who wonders how I can subvert and play with their contents. In this talk I want to explore remembering from these different perspectives. As

wragge /
Created May 24, 2015 01:16
Draft abstract for NDF2015

#The perfect face

I've been playing around with facial detection technology for a few years. I'm interested in the possibilities of extracting faces from within cultural heritage collections and presenting them as points of access, exploration, analysis, and critique. Looking into another face creates a connection across time and culture, potentially opening space for empathy and obligation. But facial detection technology is more commonly used in security and marketing, where the face is something to be read for data -- for labelling or identification. Your face marks you out as a threat or a sales opportunity. How do those of us working with cultural data, who want to highlight the human dimensions of our collections, respond to the politics of facial detection and recognition? I want to present a few experiments ranging from the playful to the provocative. I also want to ponder what we look like to facial detection software. What is human in the eyes of a machine? What is the perfect face?

[{u'_id': u'5450780',
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u'end_date': None,
u'start_date': u'2014-11-26'},
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{u'note': u'This item has been withheld pending access advice from an agency/agencies',
u'reason': u'Withheld pending adv'}],
u'access_status': u'Closed',
u'contents_dates': {u'date_str': u'1954 - 1969',
u'end_date': u'1969',
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<> a arch:Manuscript,
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wragge / gist:4700563
Created February 3, 2013 04:36
Adventures in text-mining Hansard... Topics of all questions asked in the House of Representatives in 1913.
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[{'title': u'PANAMA EXPOSITION'},
{'title': u'SMALL-POX OUTBREAK'},
{'title': u'H.M.A.S. AUSTRALIA'},
{'title': u'MILITARY POLICY'},
wragge / gist:4761998
Created February 12, 2013 12:26
Summary of bills debated in 1913
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{u'APPROPRIATION (WORKS AND BUILDINGS) BILL': [{'date': '22/10/1913',
'num_speeches': 30,
'num_words': 45982,
'speakers': [u'FORREST, John',
u'FRAZER, Charles',
u'KELLY, William',
u'CHAPMAN, Austin',
u'HARPER, Robert',