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How I picked my 2019 Bracket
Duke/NC - NC because Duke always reminds me of David Duke and that's a non-starter.
VCU/UCF - UCF. Both remind me of Vets without Borders/ Vets Sans Frontieres so I flipped a coin.
Mississippi State / Liberty - Liberty. Originally I was gonna go w/ mississippi cause it's fun to say but then I tried typing it and I don't want to have to do that again.
Virginia Tech / St Louis - Virginia Tech because there are just too many vowels in Louis and I can NEVER type it right the first try
Maryland / Temple / Belmont - Maryland. Come on Temple / Belmont pick a name.
LSU / Yale - Yale in honor of all the crossword puzzle answers this has provided to me over the years (eli)
Louisville / Minnesota - Minnesota. Oh, ya? Ya, donchaknow
Michigan State / Bradley - Bradley. Duh.
Gonzaga / Fairleigh Dickin... - Fairleigh I have never heard of this college and technically still haven't cause the full name didn't even fit on this site.
Syracuse / Baylor. Syracuse cause it reminds me of syrup.
Marquette / Murray State - Marquette. Murray is not a state. I am pretty confident on this one.
Florida State / Vermont - Florida State. Florida IS a state. So is Vermont but they forgot to put "State" in the name so how good of a college could it really be?
Buffalo / Arizona State / ... - Buffalo. I would have picked this anyway cause of the sentence "Buffalo buffalo buffalo" but then Arizona State, not being content w/ that name had to add to it and make their name so long it doesn't even fit here. I don't even want to know what comes after the ellipsis. Nobody tell me it's not worth it.
Texas Tech / Northern Kentu... - Texas Tech. Remember that scene in PeeWee's Big Adventure when he is in Texas and proves it by singing that song and everyone around him joins in? I love that scene.
Nevada / Florida - Nevada. There's already a Florida State pick a different name for your college, seriously.
Michigan / Montana - Montana - Did you know there are mountains in Montana named Flathead? That always reminds me of the computer game Zork. Heh.
Virgina / Gardner-Webb - Gardner-Webb cause I love gardening.
Ole Miss / Oklahoma. Ole Miss. a VERY TOUGH decision cause I love musicals but ultimately Ole Miss is just too fun of a phrase to say. Real good mouthfeel.
Wisconson / Oregon - Wisconson. Another coin flip. These are very boring names.
Kansas State / UC Irvine - UC Irvine. I dunno this one was a gut feeling I can't describe it.
Villanova / Saint Mary's - Villanova. What a great college name whoever picked this one is very good at branding.
Purdue / Old Dominion - Old Dominion. Wow who names their college Old Dominion? Winners, that's who.
Cincinnati / Iowa - Iowa. Cincinnati isn't even a State! You gotta think bigger if you're gonna win in this division
Tennessee / Colgate - Colgate. Colgate? Colgate.
North Carolina / Iona - Iona. Reminds me of Wynonna, my favorite Judd sister.
Utah State / Washington - Washington. My home. Wherever I may roam.
Auburn / New Mexico St... - Auburn. A great hair color, just really very good looking on all kinds of people.
Kansas / Northeastern - Northeastern. Normally I'd be like "ugh pick a state" but can you imagine the audacity it takes to claim an entire compass quadrant?!
Iowa State / Ohio State - Ohio State. Coin toss. Yawn.
Houston / Georgea State - Houston. Houston, we've, uh, had a problem. I love that movie.
Wofford / Seton Hall - Wofford. This was a tough one. I really hate these hard decisions so early in the rounds. They both sound so great. Wofford just won, that's all.
Kentucky / Abilene Christian - Abilene Christian. See? You CAN have a longer name that isn't TOO long. Also it reminds me of that song from Guys n Dolls "Adelaid is takin a chance on me"
NC / UCF - UCF "You'll find it all on UHF" I love that movie. My son has been quoting lines from it all week. "Don't you know the dewey decimal system!" heheh
Liberty / Virginia Tech - Liberty. Give me Liberty or give me Tech! Oh, I guess Liberty then.
Maryland / Yale - Maryland - Imagine a whole land named after Mary. That's my mom's name, well she spells it differently but still.
Minnesota / Bradley - Minnesota. I love my son but he is not that good at basketball. I mean he's only seven. Nevertheless he's not winning any college games this year
Farleigh / Syracuse - Farleigh. I wonder if they start winning will I then start seeing their full name in news headlines?
Marquette / Florida State - Marquette. Makes me think of a baguette. I love bread.
Buffalo / Texas Tech - Buffalo. My dad used to have a belt that had a buffalo nickel embedded in it. I wonder if he still has it?
Nevada / Montana - Nevada. Coin flip. Competition is heating up here and state names just aren't gonna cut it here for long, folks.
Gardner-Webb / Ole Miss - Gardner Webb. That feels like the name of someone who invented something important to the world today. Like a sorting algorithm or a better way to plant peanuts.
Wisconsin / UC Irvine - UC Irvine - Another gut feeling I just picked one no coin flip needed.
Villanova / Old Dominion - Old Dominion - First tough one of round 2. While I have your attention can I interest you in some Old Glory Robot Insurance?
Iowa / Colgate - Iowa. Who let a tube of toothpaste into the competition anyways? How did it get to round 2?
Iona / Washington - Iona. Iowa, Iota, Iona, you change one letter and the words are very different.
Auburn / Northeastern - Northeastern. Sorry Auburn I just realized that because that's a color that should have been your school color not your name.
Ohio State / Houston - Houston - The Whitney Houston superbowl national anthem was one of the best performances of that song ever.
Wofford / Abilene Christian - Wofford. For too long was Worf ignored on TNG. No more. We're with Worf. Wofford. Whatever.
UCF / Liberty - UCF. anagram for UFC I just realized. not to be trifled with.
Maryland / Minnesota - Maryland. Coin flip. State names that begin with M how original! NOT!
Fairleigh / Marquette - Marquette - I don't want Fairleigh to do well because I never want to see their full name in the news. Never tell me what the full name of this college is.
Buffalo / Nevada - Buffalo - Remember when the Bills lost three superbowls in a row? I know it's hard to get there and that's impressive just to get there but still, yikes. Pity vote in remembrance.
Gardner-Webb / UC Irvine - Gardner-Webb. Which is it? Gardener? Spider? I think there's a depth of talent in this name that wins this match.
Old Dominion / Iowa - Old Dominion - Sorry Iowa how are you gonna compete w/ a name like Old Dominion.
Iona / Northeastern - Iona. What is an Iona I just realized I don't even know. The word SOUNDS familiar but maybe it doesn't even mean anything. Watch out for this word.
Houston / Wofford - Wofford. Just realized I'd made space related references to both these teams in past rounds and obviously the one that can travel the galaxy one.
UCF / Maryland - UCF. State names are OUT this year.
Marquette / Buffalo - Marquette - this is the only "q" on the whole board that's gotta count for something
Gardner-Webb / Old Dominion - Old Dominion. No web startup is gonna beat Old Dominion.
Iona / Wofford - Wofford - Coin toss? Coin toss. Neither of these are real words I just realized.
UCF / Marquette - Marquette - Remember <marquee>? The web used to be fun.
Wofford / Old Dominion - Old Dominion. Can you imagine having the privilege of calling this game? Doesn't it sound like the kind of sports battle we all deserve to have in this day and age. Timeless yet modern. A battle for the ages.
Marquette / Old Dominion - Marquette. This has all been guessing so of course I left this last one up to a coin toss.
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