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@wrkrb33 wrkrb33/gist:3453034
Created Aug 24, 2012

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rails 3 asset pipeline management
@jrochkind, in fact, after rake assets:precompile, in public/assets I see
<css_manifest_name>.css, <css_manifest_name>.css.gz, <css_manifest_name>-<hash>.css, and
<css_manifest_name>-<hash>.css.gz; and similar files for the .js resources.
I’m not quite sure what rails intends to do with all of those, but can confirm through
firebug that the <css_manifest_name>-<hash>.* compiled versions are what’s delivered to the
The reason that I’m not compiling these into my overall application.js and application.css
files is that they are assets that are only required on a limited subset of pages, so I want
to keep them separate and include them only where necessary.
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