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Will Sargent wsargent

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wsargent /
Created Jun 8, 2017 — forked from retronym/
Scripts for convenient access to Scala pre-release builds
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[error];2.6.0-SNAPSHOT!sbt-plugin.jar origin location must be absolute: C:\Users\wsargent\.ivy2\local\\sbt-plugin\scala_2.10\sbt_0.13\2.6.0-SNAPSHOT\jars\sbt-plugin.jar
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:;2.6.0-SNAPSHOT!sbt-plugin.jar origin location must be absolute: C:\Users\wsargent\.ivy2\local\\sbt-plugin\scala_2.10\sbt_0.13\2.6.0-SNAPSHOT\jars\sbt-plugin.jar
at org.apache.ivy.util.Checks.checkAbsolute(
at org.apache.ivy.core.cache.DefaultRepositoryCacheManager.getArchiveFileInCache(
at org.apache.ivy.core.resolve.ResolveEngine.downloadAr
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export DEFAULT_USER=wsargent
source $HOME/.antigen/antigen.zsh
# Load the oh-my-zsh's library.
antigen use oh-my-zsh
# Bundles from the default repo (robbyrussell's oh-my-zsh).
antigen bundle git
antigen bundle pip
wsargent /
Last active Jun 17, 2021
Windows Development Environment for Scala

Windows 10 Development Environment for Scala

This is a guide for Scala and Java development on Windows, using Windows Subsystem for Linux, although a bunch of it is applicable to a VirtualBox / Vagrant / Docker subsystem environment. This is not complete, but is intended to be as step by step as possible.

Harden Windows 10

Read the entire Decent Security guide, and follow the instructions, especially:

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# Usage: gh-clone lagom lagom to checkout lagom/lagom
function gh-clone() {
mkdir $PROJNAME;
hub init -g
hub clone $OWNERNAME/$PROJNAME master;
cd master;
wsargent /
Created Oct 5, 2016
Git worktree script
export WORKDIR=$HOME/work
# Creates a working tree to check out a branch locally.
# This is useful when you have multiple branches on origin,
# and want to pull work work with them
function worktree() {
# We assume we're always under $WORKDIR somewhere.
# Go down the tree until we know what project we're in.
while [[ "$(dirname "$PWD")" != $WORKDIR ]] ; do
find "$PWD"/ -maxdepth 1 "$@"
wsargent /
Created Sep 12, 2016 — forked from acolyer/
Internet Scale Services Checklist

Internet Scale Services Checklist

A checklist for designing and developing internet scale services, inspired by James Hamilton's 2007 paper "On Desgining and Deploying Internet-Scale Services."

Basic tenets

  • Does the design expect failures to happen regularly and handle them gracefully?
  • Have we kept things as simple as possible?
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Created Sep 8, 2016 — forked from loicknuchel/
Missing features in Play i18n
import akka.util.Timeout;
import scala.compat.java8.FutureConverters;
import scala.concurrent.Future;
import java.util.concurrent.CompletionStage;
import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit;
public class JavaActorLookup {
wsargent / TracerBulletController.scala
Last active Jan 23, 2018
Supports tracer bullet dynamic logging
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package controllers
import javax.inject._
import play.api.mvc._
class TracerBulletController @Inject() extends Controller {
private val logger = org.slf4j.LoggerFactory.getLogger("application")