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Sublime Text 2

Sublime Text 2


  • — Autocompletion for words in current file
  • ⌘P — Goto Anything
  • ⇧⌘P — Command Palette
  • ⌘R — Goto Symbol
  • ⌘B — Build
  • ⌘D — Expand Selection to Word
  • ⌘U — Undo Selection


  1. install Package Control [^1] and use ⇧⌘P to install the following:
    1. install VintageEx [^2]
    2. install LaTeXTools
      • ⌘B — Build PDF
      • ⇧⌘J — go to PDF Viewer (e.g. Skim)
      • use %!TEX root = master.tex as the first line in any additional .tex files to build the PDF
      • use ref_ or cite_ and then to reference a label or insert citations from bibtex files
    3. install BrowserRefresh
      • ⇧⌘R — Refresh active tab in Chrome
    4. install SublimeLinter
      • ⌃⌘L — show possible syntax errors (and coding standards violations) (normally shown automatically)
    5. install BracketHighlighter

[^1]: Package manager to install additional extensions

[^2]: Vim command support

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