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Last active Jan 4, 2016
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The bot's programming
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import pywikibot
import re
from pywikibot import textlib, page
import sys
parent_map = {
'Adapter': 'Structural',
'AirIntake': 'Utility',
'Antenna': 'Utility',
'Battery': 'Electrical',
'CommandModule': 'Command',
'ControlSurface': 'Aero',
'Decoupler': 'Utility',
'DockingPort': 'Utility',
'Engine/Ion': 'Utility',
'Engine/Liquid': 'Engine',
'Engine/RCS': 'Utility',
'Engine/Solid': 'Engine',
'FuelTank/Jet': 'FuelTank',
'FuelTank/Liquid': 'FuelTank',
'FuelTank/RCS': 'FuelTank',
'Ladder': 'Utility',
'LandingStrut': 'Utility',
'Light': 'Utility',
'Parachute': 'Utility',
'ReactionWheel': 'Command',
'RoverWheel': 'Wheel', #verify
'SAS': 'Command',
'SolarPanel': 'Electrical',
'Strut': 'Structural',
'Wing': 'Aero',
def extract_parent(template, base_length):
if 'parent' in template[1]:
return template[1]['parent']
sub_name = template[0][base_length:]
print sub_name
if sub_name in parent_map:
return parent_map[sub_name]
return None
site = pywikibot.getSite()
p = re.compile(r"Parts/([^/]+)/part\.cfg")
closing_brackets = re.compile(r"(^|[^}])}($|[^}])", re.M)
opening_brackets = re.compile(r"(^|[^{]){($|[^{])", re.M)
cat = page.Category(site, 'Category:Part configuration')
for page in cat.articles():
m =
if m:
print("Working on page: '{}'".format(page.title()))
sub_name = m.groups()[0]
part = None
text = page.get()
# extract_templates_and_params doesn't support single "{" and "}"
# replacing all with the html entities
entity_text = closing_brackets.sub(r"\1}\2", text)
entity_text = opening_brackets.sub(r"\1{\2", entity_text)
templates = textlib.extract_templates_and_params(entity_text)
part_config_count = 0
for template in templates:
if template[0] == 'Part config' and part_config_count == 0:
part_config_count += 1;
if len(template) == 2 and '1' in template[1]:
part_name = template[1]['1']
if pywikibot.Page(site, part_name + "/Box").exists():
part_name = part_name + "/Box"
print("Infobox is in page: '{}'".format(part_name))
part_page = pywikibot.Page(site, part_name)
part_templates = textlib.extract_templates_and_params(part_page.get())
for part_template in part_templates:
# Infobox/Part (7+1+4)
# Partbox (7)
valid = False
if part_template[0][:12] == 'Infobox/Part':
parent = extract_parent(part_template, 12 + 1)
valid = True
elif part_template[0][:7] == 'Partbox':
parent = extract_parent(part_template, 7 + 1)
valid = True
print("'{}' is using old Partbox template".format(part_page.title()))
if valid and 'part' in part_template[1]:
part = part_template[1]['part']
if parent is None and valid:
print part_template
print("Unable to determine parent for '{}'".format(part_name))
print("Part config template without part name.")
if part_config_count > 1:
print("Multiple {{Part config}} found.")
if parent is not None:
if part is not None and part != sub_name:
print("Internal part name changed from '{}' to '{}'".format(sub_name, part))
sub_name = part
target = "Parts/{}/{}/part.cfg".format(parent, sub_name)
print("Parent: {}; Target: {}".format(parent, target))
if pywikibot.Page(site, target).exists():
print("Didn't moved '{}' to '{}' because it already exists".format(page.title(), target))
print("Move '{}' to '{}'".format(page.title(), target))
# page.move(newtitle=target, reason="Update to new directory system", deleteAndMove=True)
elif part_config_count == 0:
print("Unable to determine part name in '{}'".format(page.title()))
print("Skipped page: '{}'".format(page.title()))
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