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Last active Aug 29, 2019
talent.test Credentials
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Last active Jul 4, 2019
Docker Cheat Sheet

To restart a docker from the cli docker-machine restart

Removes images and containers. (best to stop all containers first) docker system prune -a

Removes all inactive volumes docker volume prune

Restart Docker after System prune to clean things out completely.

Build before your up. docker-compose build docker-compose up




Diversity between groups is lower than diversity between individuals. If Diversity is our strength then we should be focusing on individuals not groups.



xander-miller /
Last active May 19, 2016
Ntile dashing widget. A Dashing numbers widget that puts your numbers in statistical context.

#Ntile Widget# A Dashing widget that shows numbers in statistical context. This widget is also available in a GitHub Repository.

Demo Dashboard Screenshot

##Description## A Dashing widget (and an associated job) that will take any set of timestamped data, divid that data by day (or any other unit of time) and compare those units of time, and displays the current day in statistical context of previous days. It currently has three modes of operation Quartile, Quintile and Percentile (hench 'N'tile). The code is designed to take in a variety of data sources. Examples include:

  • Display number of new users your app has attracted this week compared to previous weeks.
  • Display how many customer service tickets have been closed by an individual employee today in the cont
xander-miller / attributes_hash.rb
Created Feb 25, 2016
Code to get a Hash of attribute names and associated database types
View attributes_hash.rb {|n| [n.to_sym,Post.type_for_attribute(n).type]}.to_h
xander-miller / reverse_array.rb
Created Feb 20, 2016
Reverse Array performance testing by Brian Bugh
View reverse_array.rb
def reverse arr
def xander1 arr
out = []
neg_i = -1
arr.each do
out << arr[neg_i]
neg_i -= 1
xander-miller / fish_cypher.rb
Last active Dec 27, 2015
Shopify asked me to send them a message so I created the best cover letter ever!!!
View fish_cypher.rb
quote = 'The last ever dolphin message was misinterpreted as a surprisingly sophisticated attempt to do a double-backwards-somersault through a hoop whilst whistling the ‘Star Spangled Banner’, but in fact the message was this: So long and thanks for all the fish.'
alphabet = ('a'..'z').to_a
offset = 5
result_quote = ''
quote.each_char do |char|
if alphabet.include?(char)
char = alphabet.rotate(alphabet.index(char))[offset]
elsif alphabet.include?(char.downcase)
char = alphabet.rotate(alphabet.index(char.downcase))[offset].upcase
xander-miller / directions.erb
Created Oct 2, 2013
Make the following changes to devise/registrations/new.html.erb:
View directions.erb
<!-- add -->
<div class="control-group">
<%= f.label :name, class: 'control-label' %>
<div class="controls">
<%= f.text_field :name, :autofocus => true %>
<!-- end add -->
<div class="control-group">
xander-miller / reversi.rb
Last active Dec 3, 2015
Rewriting the string reverse method.
View reversi.rb
def reversi str = ""
out = ''
1.upto str.length do |i|
out << str.chars[-i]
xander-miller / user_decorator.rb
Last active Nov 24, 2015
Happy to use an &&= operator
View user_decorator.rb
class UserDecorator < Draper::Decorator
include Draper::LazyHelpers
class << self
def tagtionary
@tagionary ||= tagtionary!.clone
def tagtionary!