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Volunteer role available: TECHNOLOGY TEAM: Project Manager
Working with the BZE technology team in Melbourne, this role involves managing the tasks for the various technology volunteers. We are currently rolling out a new website and CRM database. As our team grows, we now need someone to help manage tasks and to ensure volunteer time and skills are being utilized as efficiently as possible.
This role is a great opportunity to apply your management skills to a very important role that will see the deployment of the next generation of core tools used by BZE to research and communicate, helping to keep BZE one step ahead in climate change action!
Requirements: A basic understanding of project management and working with coders. You will understand the difference between a CRM and MYSQL.
Skills not required: You don't need a detailed understanding of the actual technologies and platforms we are using, the team will help you with the hard tech parts. You also don't need a detailed knowledge of climate science or technology - we can teach you that too.
Time: Minimum 2 hours a week in BZE Office plus very flexible 1 hour from home or BZE office
Type: Volunteer
Contact: for further information
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