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Last active Dec 19, 2015
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compare two sql statement
DECLARE @Query1Checksum bigint
DECLARE @Query2Checksum bigint
Use Northwind354 
-- Get checksum from source query
Select @Query1Checksum = CHECKSUM_AGG(BINARY_CHECKSUM(*))
-- [Start Source Query]
SELECT O.OrderID, O.OrderDate,
(SELECT MAX(OrdDet.UnitPrice)
FROM [Order Details] OrdDet
WHERE O.OrderID = OrdDet.OrderID) AS MaxUnitPrice
FROM Orders O
-- [End Source Query]
AS Source
-- Get checksum from comparison query
Select @Query2Checksum = CHECKSUM_AGG(BINARY_CHECKSUM(*))
-- [Start Comparison Query]
SELECT DISTINCT O.OrderID, O.OrderDate, OD.UnitPrice
FROM Orders AS O INNER JOIN [Order Details] AS OD
ON O.OrderID = OD.OrderID
WHERE OD.UnitPrice = (
SELECT MAX(OD2.UnitPrice) FROM [Order Details]AS OD2
WHERE OD2.OrderID = O.OrderID
-- [End Comparison Query]
As Comparison
-- Compare CheckSums to determine equality
IF @Query1Checksum = @Query2Checksum
PRINT 'Queries are Equal'
PRINT 'Queries are NOT Equal'
---"sqlcmd -S -i test.sql -o test.result")
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