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Last active Dec 19, 2015

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# According to
# Install ImageMagick with MacPort: sudo port install ImageMagick
# Install ImageMagick with Homebrew: brew install ImageMagick
# Assume source icon is 1024x1024
blur3="-gaussian-blur 3x3"
blur4="-gaussian-blur 4x4"
blur7="-gaussian-blur 7x7"
blur8="-gaussian-blur 8x8"
blur12="-gaussian-blur 12x12"
convert $1 $blur3 -resize 152x152 Icon-76@2x.png # Home screen for Retina iPad - iOS7
convert $1 $blur3 -resize 144x144 Icon-72@2x.png # Home screen for Retina iPad
convert $1 $blur3 -resize 120x120 Icon-60@2x.png # Retina iPhone - iOS7
convert $1 $blur3 -resize 114x114 Icon-57@2x.png # Home screen for Retina display iPhone/iPod
convert $1 $blur3 -resize 100x100 Icon-50@2x.png # Spotlight on Retina iPad
convert $1 $blur4 -resize 80x80 Icon-40@2x.png # Spotlight Retina iPad, iPhone - iOS7
convert $1 $blur4 -resize 76x76 Icon-76.png # App Store and Home screen for iPad - iOS7
convert $1 $blur4 -resize 72x72 Icon-72.png # App Store and Home screen for iPad
convert $1 $blur7 -resize 58x58 Icon-29@2x.png # Spotlight and Settings for Retina display
convert $1 $blur8 -resize 57x57 Icon-57.png # Home screen on non-Retina iPhone/iPod
convert $1 $blur7 -resize 50x50 Icon-50.png # Spotlight on non-Retina iPad 1/2/mini
convert $1 $blur12 -resize 40x40 Icon-40.png # Spotlight iPad - iOS7
convert $1 $blur12 -resize 29x29 Icon-29.png # Settings on iPad and iPhone, and Spotlight on iPhone
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