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Michal Srb xixixao

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# This script create a new repo on, then pushes to it the local repo from the current directory.
# It is a fork of Some of Rob's lines just didn't work for me, and to fix them I needed to make it more verbose so that a mere electrical engineer could understand it.
# This script gets a username from .gitconfig. If it indicates that your default username is an empty string, you can set it with
# git config --add github.user YOUR_GIT_USERNAME
# Gather constant vars
xixixao / discrete-event-simulation
Created Dec 4, 2013 Run like: > (new Simulation (ExponentialSampler 2), (ConstantSampler 2)).run 100
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# (new Simulation (ExponentialSampler 2), (ConstantSampler 2)).run 100
class Simulation
constructor: (@interArrival, @serviceTime) ->
@events = []
@t = 0
@population = 0
xixixao / Switch
Created Apr 3, 2013
Clojure vs Coffee
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#(defn parting
# "returns a String parting in a given language"
# ([] (parting "World"))
# ([name] (parting name "en"))
# ([name language]
# (condp = language
# "en" (str "Goodbye, " name)
# "es" (str "Adios, " name)
# (throw (IllegalArgumentException.
# (str "unsupported language " language))))))