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Frameworks & Services



Best ones probably: (all MIT)

templates: e.g. are all a bit old etc


More research needed. services can (maybe should) be combined etc.

  • firebase: great but i am not sure how much of rethinking would be needed.

  • google cloud: compare to aws, azure

  • prisma: not completly compatible with our current stack (apollo server mainly)

  • heroku: supports stack, easy and fast but less professional, more expensive

  • azure: completely compatible, but verbose

  • aws: same as azure but cheaper / better I think

  • digital ocean: never tried, heard good things, surely compatible and not as verbose as azure/aws (in between heroku, prisma <-> aws, azure)

  • Hasura GrapQl Engine: Instant Realtime GraphQL on Postgres

  • auth0 for authentication

  • Zeit Now

  • netlify

-> need front and backend, maybe just a docker container deployed with some lambda function service is cheapest (dynamic allocation)



  • react 16

  • typescript for front and backend

  • webpack

  • apollo server & client

  • mobx for local state

  • postgres / sqlite (maybe neo4j for easy integrability of graphql and fun of course)

  • servers as PaaS or VMs nginx, pm2 etc

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