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Last active Aug 23, 2019
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keybase ephemeral message test
// rendition of a message "test" set to expire in 30 seconds, as retrieved by json api after "exploding":
// $ keybase chat api -p -m '{"method": "read", "params": {"options": {"channel": {"name": "keybasefriends", "members_type": "team", "topic_name": "general", "pagination": {"num": 1}}}}}'
"msg": {
"id": 52853,
"conversation_id": "0000d5ba71470610a40b4d32af53a52775cc561589525d7b21bad9ec057b6aac",
"channel": {
"name": "keybasefriends",
"public": false,
"members_type": "team",
"topic_type": "chat",
"topic_name": "general"
"sender": {
"uid": "6868f09b2dd3af1c94fa8deca500e919",
"username": "xkr47",
"device_id": "7bb4a4af5326338b62b625f41212f718",
"device_name": "nitor-dell-2016"
"sent_at": 1566533288,
"sent_at_ms": 1566533288566,
"content": {
"type": "none"
"prev": [
"id": 52852,
"hash": "HBL8RypcHJsA/FG1EUzmG9+nvJchtGKmXyfW1pFdEIs="
"unread": false,
"is_ephemeral": true,
"is_ephemeral_expired": true,
"etime": 1566533318936,
"channel_mention": "none"

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@xkr47 xkr47 commented Aug 23, 2019

To retrieve this message in the future, use this command and look for message with "id": 52853:

keybase chat api -p -m '{"method": "read", "params": {"options": {"channel": {"name": "keybasefriends", "members_type": "team", "topic_name": "general", "pagination": {"num": 1, "previous": "zcqN"}}}}}'
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