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public static async Task HttpStart(
[BlobTrigger("files/{id}", Connection = "StorageAccountConnectionString")] Stream fileBlob,
string id,
[Table("metadata", "{id}", "{id}", Connection = "TableConnectionString")] FileMetadata metadata,
[Table("metadata", Connection = "TableConnectionString")] CloudTable metadataTable,
[DurableClient] IDurableOrchestrationClient starter,
ILogger log)
// Function input comes from the request content.
string instanceId = await starter.StartNewAsync("ProcessFileFlow", new ApprovalWorkflowData { TargetId = id });
metadata.WorkflowId = instanceId;
var replaceOperation = TableOperation.Replace(metadata);
var result = await metadataTable.ExecuteAsync(replaceOperation);
log.LogInformation($"Started orchestration with ID = '{instanceId}'.");
log.LogInformation("Flow started");
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