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public TokenReadResult ReadToken(string tokenString)
var key = new SymmetricSecurityKey(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(_configuration["JwtKey"]));
var handler = new JwtSecurityTokenHandler();
var validations = new TokenValidationParameters
ValidateIssuerSigningKey = true,
IssuerSigningKey = key,
ValidateIssuer = true,
ValidIssuer = _configuration["JwtIssuer"],
ValidateAudience = true,
ValidAudience = _configuration["JwtAudience"]
var identity = handler.ValidateToken(tokenString, validations, out var tokenSecure).Identity as ClaimsIdentity;
if (identity == null)
throw new Exception("boom - Identity is not valid");
return new TokenReadResult
Username = identity.Claims.First(c => c.Type == ClaimTypes.NameIdentifier).Value,
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