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Bootbase Version: V1.11 | 11/05/2002 17:43:55
RAM: Size = 8192 Kbytes
DRAM POST: Testing: 8192K
RAS Version: V3.60(CZ.0) | 11/12/2002 13:30:40
Press any key to enter debug mode within 3 seconds.
Enter Debug Mode
======= Debug Command Listing =======
AT just answer OK
ATHE print help
ATBAx change baudrate. 1:38.4k, 2:19.2k, 3:9.6k 4:57.6k 5:115.2k
ATENx,(y) set BootExtension Debug Flag (y=password)
ATSE show the seed of password generator
ATTI(h,m,s) change system time to hour:min:sec or show current time
ATDA(y,m,d) change system date to year/month/day or show current date
ATDS dump RAS stack
ATDT dump Boot Module Common Area
ATDUx,y dump memory contents from address x for length y
ATWBx,y write address x with 8-bit value y
ATWWx,y write address x with 16-bit value y
ATWLx,y write address x with 32-bit value y
ATRBx display the 8-bit value of address x
ATRWx display the 16-bit value of address x
ATRLx display the 32-bit value of address x
ATGO(x) run program at addr x or boot router
ATGR boot router
ATGT run Hardware Test Program
AT%Tx Enable Hardware Test Program at boot up
ATBTx block0 write enable (1=enable, other=disable)
< press any key to continue >
ATRTw,x,y(,z) RAM test level w, from address x to y (z iterations)
ATWEa(,b,c,d) write MAC addr, Country code, EngDbgFlag, FeatureBit to flash ROM
ATCUx write Country code to flash ROM
ATCB copy from FLASH ROM to working buffer
ATCL clear working buffer
ATSB save working buffer to FLASH ROM
ATBU dump manufacturer related data in working buffer
ATSH dump manufacturer related data in ROM
ATWMx set MAC address in working buffer
ATCOx set country code in working buffer
ATFLx set EngDebugFlag in working buffer
ATSTx set ROMRAS address in working buffer
ATSYx set system type in working buffer
ATVDx set vendor name in working buffer
ATPNx set product name in working buffer
ATFEx,y,... set feature bits in working buffer
ATMP check & dump memMapTab
ATDOx,y download from address x for length y to PC via XMODEM
ATTD download router configuration to PC via XMODEM
ATUPx,y upload to RAM address x for length y from PC via XMODEM
ATUR upload router firmware to flash ROM
ATLC upload router configuration file to flash ROM
< press any key to continue >
ATUXx(,y) xmodem upload from flash block x to y
ATERx,y erase flash rom from block x to y
ATWFx,y,z copy data from addr x to flash addr y, length z
ATXSx xmodem select: x=0: CRC mode(default); x=1: checksum mode
ATCEx Set Contrl-E write delay cycles
ATCG ADSL firmware upload
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