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thoughts on Vietnam
  • Vietnam people honks and beeps a lot on the road. FYI
  • Sounds like they are angry while most of the time they just talk normally
  • Riding a motorbike is relatively safe. Speed are slow and they are good at communicating(honks and beeps) on the road
  • use tissues (mostly provided) to clean spoon and fork before having food on food stall
  • "pho" heaven
  • A lot of vegetables are served for a bowl of "pho"
  • Vietnamese (the language) is so so so difficult, especially the pronunciation part. Mandarin has 4 tones while Vietnamese has 6 tones !!! (Will never laugh at their accent when speaking other languages)
  • It's called Saigon(former name) instead Ho Chi Minh City by local
  • Vietnamese love picnic with friends, family. You can see a lot of picnic group on riverside of Saigon everyday
  • Motorbike can be romantic
  • Vietnamese produced their own beer (Saigon bia) but they like coffee, juice more
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