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Instructions to run the Summarizer

Instructions to run the summarizer for Case files

  • Note that we are using the original case files as input, and not the summarized files as input, because the result with the summarized files are gibberish

Steps to run the summarizer

  • We are using Python2.7
  • pip install gensim
  • python <input folder> <output folder>
from gensim.summarization import summarize
import sys
import os
def load_file(filename):
text = list()
# print(filename)
with open(filename, 'r') as file:
for line in file:
return text
errorList = list()
def find_num_of_words(text):
ln = list()
for i in text:
if i is ' ':
return len(ln)
def main():
# Initialise the input, output folder
input = sys.argv[1]
output = sys.argv[2]
# List of all files in a folder
output_file_list = list()
# List of text of all files which are unsummarized
total_file_text_unsummarized = list()
# List of text of all files which are summarized
total_file_text_summarized = list()
for file in os.listdir(input):
# Load all the files in text
for file in output_file_list:
for index ,textfile in enumerate(total_file_text_unsummarized):
# textfile = textfile
word_count = 200
filename = output_file_list[index]
text_file = str()
for line in textfile:
text_file += line
# print('---- TEXT FILE -- \n {0}'.format(text_file))
summarized_text = summarize(text_file, word_count=word_count)
len_of_words_summarized = find_num_of_words(summarized_text)
if len_of_words_summarized <= 50 or len_of_words_summarized >= 200:
error = "{0} has the length {1}".format(filename, len_of_words_summarized)
name_of_file = '/{0}.txt'.format(filename)
# print('HHHHHHHHH{0}'.format(output+name_of_file))
with open(output+name_of_file,'a') as file:
print('--------- SUMMARIZATION COMPLETED!!------------\n')
print('--------- FOLLOWING ARE THE LIST OF ERROR FILEs-----\n')
with open(output+'/ERRORLIST.txt','w') as file:
for error in errorList:
print('----- END ------\n')
if __name__ == "__main__":
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