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Last active Mar 13, 2019
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Instructions to use summarizer

Instructions to use RBM

  • First clone the following repository -
git clone
  • cd summarization/unsupervised/RBM
  • cd into the RBM folder
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • pip install scipy numpy nltk theano
  • pip install Image Pandas
  • Open terminal and perform
>>> import nltk
>>> nltk.set_proxy('')
>>> nltk.set_proxy('')
  • A GUI will open, click on all_packages, and click Download button
  • Make sure all the options in the GUI is green, if red/not green, click on that package and download that also
  • Create an input folder and output folder
mkdir input
mkdir output
# Make sure you put all the input case files into input folder
# Also there should be no recursive folder, if you use it, then enter the commands like that
# For eg. if you paste a folder into input, then while running the code use input/name_of_folder
  • python input ouput
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