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@yawnt yawnt/gist:12cb70f900dcb654aae9 Secret
Created Mar 20, 2013

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┌[yawnt@tlaloc] [⬢ v0.8.22]
└[~]> jitsu | ghcopy
info: Welcome to Nodejitsu yawnt
info: jitsu v0.12.7, node v0.8.22
info: It worked if it ends with Nodejitsu ok
info: Executing command
help: ___ __
help: / / / /_ / /
help: __/ / / __/ /__/
help: Flawless deployment of Node.js apps to the cloud
help: open-source and fully customizable.
help: Usage:
help: jitsu <resource> <action> <param1> <param2> ...
help: Common Commands:
help: To sign up for Nodejitsu
help: jitsu signup
help: To log into Nodejitsu
help: jitsu login
help: To install a pre-built application
help: jitsu install
help: Deploys current path to Nodejitsu
help: jitsu deploy
help: Lists all applications for the current user
help: jitsu list
help: Additional Commands
help: jitsu apps
help: jitsu cloud
help: jitsu logs
help: jitsu env
help: jitsu conf
help: jitsu users
help: jitsu databases
help: jitsu snapshots
help: jitsu tokens
help: jitsu logout
help: Options:
help: --raw jitsu will only output line-delimited raw JSON (useful for piping) [boolean]
help: --version, -v print jitsu version and exit [string]
help: --noanalyze skip require-analyzer: do not attempt to dynamically detect dependencies [boolean]
help: --localconf search for .jitsuconf file in ./ and then parent directories [string]
help: --jitsuconf, -j specify file to load configuration from [string]
help: --release, -r specify release version number or semantic increment (build, patch, minor, major) [string]
help: --confirm, -c prevents jitsu from asking before overwriting/removing things [boolean] [default: false]
help: --colors --no-colors will disable output coloring [boolean] [default: true]
info: Nodejitsu ok
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