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use std::thread;
use std::any::Any;
use std::rt::unwind::set_panic_handler;
fn main() {
// Use the default handler
panic!("Something's wrong"); // Prints "thread '<main>' panicked at 'Something's wrong', /Users/yohai/code/"
// Or... (comment out the code above)
panic!("Something's wrong"); // Prints "A thread panicked: Something's wrong"
// Or... (comment out the code above)
panic!("Something's wrong (but you'll never see this message)"); // Prints nothing
fn silent_handler(_msg: &(Any + Send), _file: &'static str, _line: u32) {}
fn simple_handler(obj: &(Any + Send), _file: &'static str, _line: u32) {
let msg = match obj.downcast_ref::<&'static str>() {
Some(s) => *s,
None => match obj.downcast_ref::<String>() {
Some(s) => &s[..],
None => "Box<Any>",
println!("A thread panicked: {}", &*msg);
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