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from pywebio import input as pin
from pywebio import output as pout
pout.put_code("""pin.input("What's your favorite fruit?")""")
pin.input("What's your favorite fruit?")
pout.put_code("""pin.slider("How old are you?", min_value=0, max_value=120)""")
pin.slider("How old are you?", min_value=0, max_value=120)
pout.put_code("""pin.checkbox("What toppings for pizza?", options=["pepperoni", "sausage", "chicken"])""")
pin.checkbox("What toppings for pizza?", options=["pepperoni", "sausage", "chicken"])
pout.put_code(""""Who's GOAT in NBA?", options=["Bryant", "Jordan", "James"])""")"Who's GOAT in NBA?", options=["Bryant", "Jordan", "James"])
pout.put_code(""""Are you ready to try pyWebIO?", options=["Yes", "No"])""")"Are you ready to try pyWebIO?", options=["Yes", "No"])
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