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[wlt-if field="is-logged-in"]
[wlt-if-1 field="height, dob, activity_level, gender" operator="not-exists"]
<h2>Step 1 - tell us about you!</h2>
[wlt-user-settings allow-delete-data="false"]
[wlt-if-2 field="target" operator="not-exists"]
<h2>Step 2 - set yourself a target</h2>
Time to set yourself a target - this will give you something to aim for!
[wlt-form target="true"]
[wlt-if-3 operator="not-exists"]
<h2>Step 3 - add your first entry</h2>
Great, we're almost there! No time like the present, let's add your first entry!
<h2>We're done!</h2>
Thanks for your patience. You can fully intereact with the website!
<h3>Please login / register</h3>
Before you can complete our fancy wizard you need to login.
[shortcode-variables slug="login-prompt"]
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