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Salah Alkhwlani yemenifree

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Multiple MySQL Versions with Homebrew

For homebrew version 0.9.5.

brew -v # => Homebrew 0.9.5

Install the current version of mysql.

# Install current mysql version
brew install mysql
yemenifree / HasSetUpOnce.php
Last active Mar 26, 2018
run setUp once for all test methods after app boot
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namespace Tests\Traits\Common;
trait HasSetUpOnce
* flag to save setUp status when run test methods.
* @var bool
yemenifree / .md
Created Jan 30, 2018 — forked from SethCalkins/.md
Fix for .app "is damaged and can't be opened"
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This is a fix for MAC OS Complaining about Damaged App

Run Following on Application


xattr -rc /Applications/
yemenifree / .htaccess
Created Nov 26, 2017
basic speed htaccess
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# Turn on Expires and set default to 0
ExpiresActive On
ExpiresDefault A0
# Set up caching on media files for 1 year (forever?)
<FilesMatch "\.(flv|ico|pdf|avi|mov|ppt|doc|mp3|wmv|wav)$">
ExpiresDefault A29030400
Header append Cache-Control "public"
yemenifree / .php_cs
Last active Nov 19, 2017
Laravel 5.x php-cs-fixer v2 config file
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$finder = PhpCsFixer\Finder::create()
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