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yeonhoyoon / upload_csv_to_evernote.rb
Created Jun 19, 2022
Upload CSV file to Evernote
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require 'evernote_oauth'
require 'csv'
developer_token 'asdf' #
client = developer_token, sandbox: false)
note_store = client.note_store
notebooks = note_store.listNotebooks
notebooks.each do |notebook|
puts "Notebook: #{}"
yeonhoyoon / multipart.js
Last active Jan 8, 2021
Send multipart request from javascript
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if (XMLHttpRequest.prototype.sendAsBinary === undefined) {
XMLHttpRequest.prototype.sendAsBinary = function(string) {
var bytes =, function(c) {
return c.charCodeAt(0) & 0xff;
this.send(new Uint8Array(bytes));
function sendMultiPartReqeust(filename, mimeType, imageData, message) {
yeonhoyoon /
Last active Dec 16, 2015
A script to upload Tistory backup XML file to Evernote. Developer token from Evernote required.
import re
import sys
from lxml import etree
from StringIO import StringIO
from evernote.edam.type import ttypes
from evernote.api.client import EvernoteClient
parser = etree.HTMLParser()
def convert_to_edml(text):