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Created October 28, 2016 15:21
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PSA for homebrew devs

The next update for HENkaku will be a major one and in order to protect the safety of our users, we are making two changes that might affect how your homebrew runs:

  • Safe Homebrew will be outputted by default by the toolchain. Currently, you must specify a flag for marking your homebrew as safe. In the future you will do the opposite. By default, homebrew will be marked as safe. If you wish to use unsafe/vsh functions you must build with an unsafe flag. A warning will show up if you attempt to use unsafe/vsh functions in a safe homebrew and it will not work by default on the Vita. More information about the specific SDK changes will be posted at a later date.
  • Unsafe Homebrew will be blocked by default on HENkaku enabled consoles. To run unsafe homebrew, the user must set a configurable option. Unsafe homebrew will not be launchable by default. This is basically how Android does it.

If your homebrew currently builds with the vita-make-fself -s flag, you do not have to do anything! Your homebrew is already marked as safe and will continue to work. Otherwise, you have two options: if your homebrew requires using unsafe/vsh functions then your users will have to enable unsafe mode to run your homebrew. If you wish to mark it as safe, add the -s option to vita-make-fself when building. Then test your homebrew to make sure it still works. The main changes for a safe homebrew is

  • vsh functions are blocked. This includes stuff like registry access, partition table access, etc.
  • Device access is limited to ux0:data for general shared storage, app0: for read only sandbox access to the application's own files, savedata0: for sandbox access to application specific storage, and a handful of other locations not important right now.

If you use any unsupported functions, please find a workaround. Come chat with us on #vitasdk to sort things out. Please file a ticket if anything doesn't work as expected so I can fix it. Thanks for making the homebrew community as it is today!



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saeed95 commented Oct 30, 2017

hello i want henkaku 3.65 please

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