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taiHENkaku B7 Release Notes

大変革 Beta 7

Compression support for fself has been added to the toolchain. Compressed fselfs work with taiHENkaku (they have been working since beta 1) but do not work with the latest stable HENkaku. That means any compressed homebrew built would not work on the stable HENkaku. Developers should consider enabling compression support (download the latest toolchain), here's some of the results I've gotten so far

  • VitaShell: 3.2MB => 1.2MB
  • henkaku.suprx: 33KB => 8KB
  • taiHENkaku installer: 160KB => 34KB

Use vita-make-fself -c to create compressed fselfs. Additionally, the latest toolchain also includes weak stubs. The main use case for linking with weak stubs is if you wish to write plugins that import from a module that is loadable via SceSysmodule. Previously you would have to include the required module in taiHEN's config.txt. Now you can use a weak import and call sceSysmoduleLoad. Finally, the toolchain now uses YAML instead of JSON for its NID database--developers should update their tools to support this new format.

Please make sure you are using the latest toolchain from ( We made a lot of changes so using an older toolchain to add taiHEN hooks will result in crashes! Also make sure to update your taiHEN development libraries to the latest version.

New Features

  • Install payload has been compressed decreasing download sizes by 60%
  • molecularShell now supports refreshing taiHEN config.txt without rebooting (only for user plugins and only works in non-safe mode; press Start to see the option)
  • molecularShell now has full ux0 access again when unsafe homebrew is enabled (must quit and reopen to see changes)
  • Re-enabled shell patches for version spoofing. This does not enable PSN but it should prevent CMA update prompts provided you set the spoof version to 3.63.


Please report any issues you find to the issue tracker. Please incluse a screenshot/picture of the problem and any error codes.

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xstationbr commented Dec 8, 2016

Hi, incluindo think not necessary cause if uncompressed file be more fast tô load the exploit, but if compression do nothing with stability well maybe this will be a valid way to go.

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xstationbr commented Dec 8, 2016

And thanks for all you eforts.

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