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Created Feb 23, 2018

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import time
import logging
import zbar
from PIL import Image, ImageEnhance, ImageFilter
def timing(f):
def wrap(*args):
time1 = time.time()
ret = f(*args)
time2 = time.time()
print '%s function took %0.3f ms' % (f.func_name, (time2-time1)*1000.0)
return ret
return wrap
def decode_image(image_path):
Get the QR code out of a given image file. This includes multiple
attempts at scanning and a helpless attempt to increase image quality.
# obtain image data
img ='L')
width, height = img.size
enhanceAttempt = 0
while enhanceAttempt < 10:
if scan(img):
return True
img = enhance(img)
enhanceAttempt += 1
return False
def enhance(img):
# Fail? Make the image better!
# Enhance contrast
contrastEnhancer = ImageEnhance.Contrast(img)
img = contrastEnhancer.enhance(2.5)
# Blur some
#img = img.filter(ImageFilter.BLUR)
return img
def scan(img):
Scan for a QR code in a given img image
width, height = img.size
raw = img.tobytes()
# create a reader
scanner = zbar.ImageScanner()
# configure the reader
# wrap image data
image = zbar.Image(width, height, 'Y800', raw)
# scan the image for barcodes
for symbol in image:
# look for a QRCODE result
if 'http' in
return True
return False
if __name__ == '__main__':
if decode_image('/Users/yifei/Downloads/qrcode.jpeg'):
print 'ok'
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