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# coding: utf-8
class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
before_filter :normalise_param_encodings
# On M17N aware VMs, ensure params from the user are marked with an appropriate encoding.
# As of Rails 2.3, Rack returns all params with an ASCII-8BIT encoding, which causes an
# exception if a param is mixed with a UTF-8 string or ERB template. Hopefully that will be
# fixed at some point and this won't be necessary any more.
# I've read in a few places that most browsers seem to submit data to the server in the same
# encoding as the last page it received from that server. My brief testing on FF 3.0.x
# confirmed this (for FF at least). FF also doesn't seem to explicitly specify the charset
# on either GET or POST requests (unless they're via AJAX).
# Since we always serve UTF-8, I'm going to assume all data we get is the same. If it isn't,
# I sanitise it.
# In *theory*, request.content_charset would contain the charset of the request, but it
# never seems to.
# As well as marking the strings as UTF-8, I also ensure they contain valid utf-8 data. The
# iconv technique for doing this is based on
def normalise_param_encodings
return unless String.method_defined?(:force_encoding)
def normalise_object_encoding(obj)
case obj
when String
unless obj.frozen?
ic ='UTF-8//IGNORE', 'UTF-8')
obj.replace(ic.iconv(obj + ' ')[0..-2])
when Array
obj.each { |o| normalise_object_encoding(o) }
when Hash
obj.each { |k,v| normalise_object_encoding(v) }
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