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InterMine queries and natural language


The InterMine NLP project aims to create a tool that can take natural language and produce an InterMine query from it. In order to do this, we need examples of InterMine queries alongside their descriptions! Jake, our GSoC student working on this problem, is using InterMine templates (that's a FlyMine link - your preferred mine is equally valid though!) from the various InterMines as a starting point, but more examples would be better if possible (and produce better results!).

Can you help us make more?

Do you have any personal saved queries or templates from your mine that you could share with us, alongside a description of what the query is? Or maybe you have some interesting biological questions you could answer in InterMine and want to share with us?


Description of query: Show genes located on a particular chromosome.

Query XML

<query model="genomic" view="Gene.secondaryIdentifier Gene.symbol Gene.chromosome.primaryIdentifier Gene.chromosomeLocation.start Gene.chromosomeLocation.end Gene.chromosomeLocation.strand" sortOrder="Gene.secondaryIdentifier ASC" constraintLogic="A and B" name="Chromosome_Gene" >
  <constraint path="Gene.chromosome.primaryIdentifier" op="=" value="2L" code="A" />
  <constraint path="" op="=" value="Drosophila melanogaster" code="B" />

XML can be retrieved from query results pages by clicking on the "generate code" button and selecting XML.

If you think you can help, email examples to

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