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Created August 21, 2012 03:00
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Metaballs with optimizations
(ns metaballs
[javax.swing JFrame]
[java.awt Canvas Graphics Color]
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
(def ^:const SIZE 250)
(defn direction [p v]
(if (or (> p SIZE) (neg? p )) (- v) v))
(defn move [{:keys [x y vx vy radius color]}]
(let [vx (direction x vx)
vy (direction y vy)]
{:x (+ x vx)
:y (+ y vy)
:vx vx
:vy vy
:radius radius
:color color}))
(defn color-in-range [c]
(if (< c 0) 0 (if (> c 255) 255 c)))
(defn color [r g b]
(new Color
(int (color-in-range r))
(int (color-in-range g))
(int (color-in-range b))))
(defn influence [{:keys [x y radius]} px py]
(let [dx (double (- x px))
dy (double (- y py))]
(double (/ radius (Math/sqrt (+ (* dx dx) (* dy dy)))))))
(defn compute-color [x y [red-cur green-cur blue-cur] ball]
(let [influence (influence ball x y)
[r g b] (:color ball)]
[(+ red-cur (* influence r))
(+ green-cur (* influence g))
(+ blue-cur (* influence b))]))
(defn paint-square [^Graphics g [red green blue] x y size]
(doto g
(.setColor ^Color (color red green blue))
(.fillRect x y size size)))
(defn draw [^Canvas canvas balls]
(let [buffer (.getBufferStrategy canvas)
g (.getDrawGraphics buffer)
step 2]
(loop [x 0]
(loop [y 0]
(paint-square g (reduce (partial compute-color x y) [0 0 0] balls) x y step)
(if (< y (- SIZE step)) (recur (+ y step))))
(if (< x (- SIZE step)) (recur (+ x step))))
(finally (.dispose g)))
(if-not (.contentsLost buffer)
(.show buffer)) ))
(defn metaball []
{:x (rand-int SIZE)
:y (rand-int SIZE)
:vx (double (inc (rand-int 6)))
:vy (double (inc (rand-int 6)))
:radius (+ 40 (rand-int 15))
:color (take 3 (repeatedly #(rand-int 256)))})
(defn -main [& args]
(let [frame (JFrame. "Metaballs")
canvas (Canvas.)]
(doto frame
(.setSize SIZE SIZE)
(.setDefaultCloseOperation JFrame/EXIT_ON_CLOSE)
(.setResizable false)
(.add canvas)
(.setVisible true))
(doto canvas
(.createBufferStrategy 2)
(.setVisible true)
(loop [balls (take 2 (repeatedly metaball))]
(draw canvas balls)
(recur (map move balls)))))
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