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How to force close an opened download file (pdf) tab or page that opened by a link?
function openPage(url) {
window.setTimeout(function () {
} ,500);
function openWindow(url) {
var tab =;
if (!url.location.pathname.includes('pdf')){
setTimeout(function () {
}, 3000);

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@yoni-g yoni-g commented Apr 18, 2017

I have written this short js code that makes the job. The script can be editable with how much time to delay the open and close of the page. Also i have added an ‘if’ condition that if the file opened is a pdf file, it will not close the tab.

  1. First include it to the html.
  2. Add an onclick attr to the tag. inside, you put the “openPage()” function with the url (with single quotes surrounding it!);
  3. In the href attribute put “javascript:void(0);”;
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