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Last active July 31, 2023 14:48
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Ethereum node on 1TB SSD


As of August 2022, a 1TB SSD is getting tight to run an Ethereum node in. The recommendation now is for 2TB of space. I wanted to see what it takes to still fit into 1TB.

EIP-4844 will increase space need by another 34 GiB or so. This is a 2023 discussion however.


Any use of Geth on a staking node comes with risk for the node operator, as long as Geth still has a supermajority (greater 2/3rd) of the network.

  • Nethermind with online prune ... this takes some careful setup, and can work. Run Nethermind with hybrid prune, when disk space is at 250 GiB free, start a full prune, when prune is done, restart it, and GOTO 1.

  • Future Nethermind without prune ... timeline unknown

  • Future Besu with storage optimizations ... even with Bonsai tries it grows at ~ 8 GiB/week, and it cannot be pruned

  • Erigon without prune, on ZFS w/ lz4 and 16k recordsize ... possibly if setting ZFS parameters just so and --db.pagesize=16k for Erigon. Testing.

Keep an eye on EIP-4444, which will drastically reduce the need for state storage.

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