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Created February 12, 2016 17:02
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import Bottle from "../bottle.js";
import Proxy from "../node_modules/harmony-proxy/index.js";
import Fuel from "./Fuel.js";
import Engine from "./Engine.js";
import Car from "./Car.js";
class handler {
static get(bottle, name){
return bottle.container[name];
let bottle = new Bottle();
bottle.constant('GASOLINE', 'Gasoline');
bottle.constant('DIESEL', 'Diesel');
bottle.constant('V6', 'v6');
bottle.constant('V12', 'v12');
bottle.service('Gasoline', Fuel, 'GASOLINE');
bottle.service('Diesel', Fuel, 'DIESEL');
bottle.service('DieselEngine', Engine, 'V6', 'Diesel');
bottle.service('GasolineEngine', Engine, 'V12', 'Gasoline');
bottle.service('Toyota', Car, 'DieselEngine');
bottle.service('Ferrari', Car, 'GasolineEngine');
export default new Proxy(bottle, handler);
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