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Last active Aug 19, 2019
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import { ServiceScope } from "@microsoft/sp-core-library";
import { BaseComponentContext } from "@microsoft/sp-component-base";
import { ComponentContextServiceKey, ComponentContextService } from "../services/ComponentContextService";
import { DocumentsServiceKey, DocumentsService } from "../services/DocumentsService";
import { PageContextServiceKey } from "../services/PageContextService";
import { ISpContextServiceLabWebPartProps } from "../webparts/spContextServiceLab/SpContextServiceLabWebPart";
export const configure = (componentContext: BaseComponentContext, properties: ISpContextServiceLabWebPartProps): Promise<ServiceScope> => {
const rootScope = componentContext.serviceScope;
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
try {
// The default implementation of all services (built-in AND custom) are available at root scope
// We should be extremely cautious of altering a root-scoped service 'state' from a specific component instance
// This might be not that important in the context of an app-part page
// All services directly usable from root scope should not have any component-specific dependencies
const pageContextService = rootScope.consume(PageContextServiceKey);
const scopedService = rootScope.startNewChild();
// TODO Here create and initialize the component scoped custom service instances
// TODO Initialize and configure scoped services based on component configuration
// The component-scoped context should be created here to ensure it will remain tied to the proper instance
const componentContextService = scopedService.createAndProvide(ComponentContextServiceKey, ComponentContextService);
componentContextService.configure(componentContext, properties);
// Create and provide new instances of services that uses component specific context (configuration, instance id, ...)
// (e.g. In this example the Documents service relies of the component configuration)
scopedService.createAndProvide(DocumentsServiceKey, DocumentsService);
// Finish the child scope initalization
} catch (error) {
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