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import * as React from 'react';
import styles from './HelloWorld.module.scss';
import { IHelloWorldProps } from './IHelloWorldProps';
import { IGreetingsService, GreetingsServiceKey } from '../../../services/GreetingsService';
import { inject } from '../../../di/DependenciesManager';
export default class HelloWorld extends React.Component<IHelloWorldProps, {}> {
// We declare a field that will be injected with the GreetingsService registered instance
@inject(GreetingsServiceKey) private greetingsService: IGreetingsService;
public render(): React.ReactElement<IHelloWorldProps> {
let hello = this.greetingsService.sayHello('Yannick');
return (
<div className={styles.helloWorld}>
<div className={styles.container}>
<div className={styles.row}>
<div className={styles.column}>
<span className={styles.title}>Welcome to Dependency Injection!</span>
<p className={styles.subTitle}>
Result from service: {hello}.
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