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default config for Dist::Zilla
name = Foo
author = Yoshihiro Sasaki <>
license = Perl_5
copyright_holder = Yoshihiro Sasaki
copyright_year = 2012
; use Filter to remove some plugins from @Baisc
bundle = @Basic
; Readme sucks. use ReadmeFromPod
remove = Readme
; if you want to upload CPAN, comment out two lines and FakeRelease below.
remove = UploadToCPAN
remove = ConfirmRelease
; don't upload to CPAN
; update {{$NEXT}} in Changes
; create INSTALL document
; replace # VERSION in source code
; create POD
; create Readme from POD
; create META.json. META.yaml is included by @Basic
; git
; initialize git repository
; use PluginBundle::Git
; use @Git except Push
bundle = @Git
remove = Git::Push
; auto versioning from git tag
; use github
; automatically define PREREQ_PM
; PREREQ_PM by hand
;Time::Piece = 0
; for tests
[Prereqs / TestRequires]
Test::More = 0.88 ; for done_testing
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