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Last active Oct 16, 2015
I won't fill in all those fuckin' forms from QAcadêmico.
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document.getElementById("R_1781").checked = true;
document.getElementById("R_1790").checked = true;
document.getElementById("R_1795").checked = true;
document.getElementById("R_1800").checked = true;
document.getElementById("R_1805").checked = true;
document.getElementById("R_1810").checked = true;
document.getElementById("R_1815").checked = true;
document.getElementsByName("P_593")[0].value = "FUCK THE SYSTEM (╯°□°)╯";
document.getElementsByName("P_594")[0].value = "FUCK THE SYSTEM (╯°□°)╯";
document.getElementsByName("P_595")[0].value = "FUCK THE SYSTEM (╯°□°)╯";

If you've followed a wrong order of git configuration - in this case, you've already added a git origin to your .git configuration -, you can change the remote origin in your git config doing this:

$ git remote set-url origin
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Created May 27, 2015
Simple tip for adding "Disqus" comments for Hexo.

In the footer of your theme (something like footer.ejs) you should add Disqus script:

<% if (config.disqus_shortname){ %>
  var disqus_shortname = '<%= config.disqus_shortname %>';
  <% if (page.permalink){ %>
  var disqus_url = '<%= config.url +"/"+ page.path %>';
  <% } %>
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Last active Sep 17, 2015 — forked from jnrbsn/
A Markdown-formatted GPL for your GitHub projects.


Version 3, 29 June 2007

Copyright © 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc. <>

Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.

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Last active Mar 16, 2022
Changin' a commit timestamp.

Changing a commit date info


My country is under a daylight saving time period and not all my commits are made during the morning/afternoon. Because I commited after 11:00 PM - which, given the local DST, was after 00:00 AM - my 100+ days commit streak got broken - which made me very unhappy.

The process


(my response to

I haven't yet came across readily available resources for large-scale application architecture for Elixir apps. I found Programming Phoenix to be a good start for that though. And there's ~30 years of knowledge in the Erlang land :)

For web apps, I found the abstractions that Elixir/Phoenix provides to be really helpful. Indeed, the list below is somewhat ORM focused.

In the small, Ecto.Schema, Ecto.Query, Ecto.Changeset, and Phoenix.View allow me to build highly composable and side-effect free modules. I can have many schemas, changesets and queries all interacting with the same underlying DB table(s) if I want to. Most of the side-effects (through Ecto.Repo for DBs) are usually in the Phoenix.Controller (or other Plugs).

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Last active Dec 27, 2016 — forked from thulioph/
Treinamento MEAN com ênfase em Frontend
  1. HTML5
    1. Versões do HTML
    2. Principais tags do HTML5
      1. estrutura (section, header, nav, main, article, footer)
      2. formulário (tipos, atributos)
      3. áudio
      4. vídeo
    3. Acessibilidade na Web
    4. APIs do HTML5
  2. Can I Use

Uma rapsódia deste ano que–para ou bem ou para o mal–está prestes a se acabar

tl;dr: Foi um dos anos que eu mais me fudi, mas também um dos que eu mais aprendi–e, por isso, eu o considero especialmente bom na minha vida.

Foto dos pés, sempre!

  • Comecei a trabalhar "sério" em um canto–e esse choque já me era necessário para sair de uma zona de conforto que estava prestes a me levar a uma grave estagnação.