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SelfKey audit report.

1. Summary

This document is a security audit report performed by danbogd, where SelfKey has been reviewed.

2. In scope

Сommit hash f7163d55b2bac2d9b9e575ae35660c453ff32e42.

3. Findings

In total, 3 issues were reported including:

  • 0 medium severity issues
  • 3 low severity issues
  • 0 owner privileges (ability of owner to manipulate contract, may be risky for investors)..
  • 0 notes.

No critical security issues were found.

3.1. Non-initialized return value

Severity: low


Function doesn't initialize return value.If you don't need the return value of the function, do not specify returns in function signature.

Code snippet

3.2. Known vulnerabilities of ERC-20 token

Severity: low


  1. It is possible to double withdrawal attack. More details here.

  2. Lack of transaction handling mechanism issue. WARNING! This is a very common issue and it already caused millions of dollars losses for lots of token users! More details here.


Add into a function transfer(address _to, ... ) following code:

require( _to != address(this) );

3.3. No checking for zero address

Severity: low


In this functions there are no checking for zero address.

Code snippet

4. Conclusion

The review did not show any critical issues, some of low severity issues were found.

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